Musicians, vocalists and increasingly, those with business needs have realized that not all projects require a large format recording studio in order to meet the standards expected of a professional recording. Changes in technology, styles of music and recording processes in the last 10-15 years have made it possible for recordings of the same or similar quality as those made in large facilities to be had in smaller setups. The small to medium sized recording studio with its powerful collection of audio processing tools has risen in recent years, filling the needs of industry and individuals for audio recording that is uncompromising in its quality, without carrying an inflated price tag. The self-financed artist is able to receive high value for their recording dollar, while professionals are able to offset the cost of some or all parts of a project by employing the services of a well-equipped small to medium sized recording studio. It is in this niche that the offerings of Blacklight Recording Studio rest

We offer the following:

  • Recording/editing (vocals, close-miked instruments i.e. acoustic guitar, small percussion, etc.)
  • Mixing
  • Production of loop/synth/sample based music (songs, music for film, soundscapes, etc.) original compositions



Recording/Edititng, Production

  • Hourly - $55
  • Day Rate (10 hours) - $500
  • ½ Day Rate (5 hours) - $250


  • Hourly - $65
  • Day Rate (10 hours) - $600
  • ½ Day Rate (5 hours) - $300

Data Exports

  • 1 DVD (0-5 GB) - $30

*Discounted rates available for self-financed artists/musicians. Please inquire.


1.Payment is due for all time booked. Should you arrive late or decide to cut your session short, you are still responsible for the entire amount of time booked, including breaks. It is recommended that you arrive 10-15 minutes early.

2.A 25% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is due in advance for all booked time. The remaining 75% is due at the end of each session. Deposits can be made in person or online via Paypal.

3.48 hours notice is required for cancellations. Deposits will only be returned or applied to a rescheduled booking when sufficient notice has been given.

4.Overtime will be charged. Time used past the scheduled end time for your session will be charged at the Regular Rate. The last 15 minutes of each session will be allotted to wrapup (CD burning, disassembly of instruments, etc.).

5.A minimum booking of 3 hours is required for regular sessions. Any time booked for less than 3 hours will be scheduled during off-peak times (usually early in the day or late at night, weekdays), or in between existing sessions.

6.No Credit or I.O.U.s. No refunds.



Monday Thursday               11am 10pm

Saturday & Sunday               11am 10pm